Are Motorized Scooters Safe?

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Kids love motorized playthings and razor scooters are all the rage for kids these days. However, parents may fear the scooters are too dangerous because of their size and speed.The Razor e100 Electric Scooter is a good first scooter for ages eight and up.

The scooter’s maximum speed is about 8 miles per hour and it takes one good kick to get it going. Once the scooter reached three miles per hour the motor starts. For added safety, there is a standing surface large enough for both feet to fit safely on the scooter, and it is designed to carry a maximum of 120 pounds of weight.

It is safe for kids since its maximum speed is approximately 8 miles per hour. At this speed, there should be no worries of your child being catapulted from the scooter.

As with all toys that are motorized and ridden outdoors, always wear protective gear to ensure your child’s safety. A helmet and pads for the knees and elbows is essential. Kids love the feature such as a storage compartment under the seat and parents love that it is easy to assemble and practically anyone can do it. There are only three parts and once the handlebars are fastened with one screw on the inside and one screw on the outside, it is finished.

The scooter has a battery that needs to plugged in to an electrical outlet to charge, but do not fear, it is safe for children to plug in themselves. The motor will need charged for 18 hours for the initial charge and then eight hours thereafter. Once the battery if fully charged, the scooter can travel up to ten miles or about one hour before needing recharged and the child can still ride it manually.  Kids are not the only ones who can ride the scooter. If the parents are light enough they can also enjoy a ride on the scooter.

There are a few negatives. The big one for children is that you cannot ride it when the weather’s not permitting, but since it is battery powered, if you have a large inside space, the scooter can enjoyed inside as well. It is not the fastest scooter out there and it may be a bit sluggish going uphill, especially when the battery power is getting low, but it is the perfect speed for children to enjoy it safely. If you are buying it as a gift, keep two things in mind. One the battery must be charged a full 18 hours before first use and it comes in a box with the picture of the scooter on the side, so you’ll need to hide the box.

Are Motorized Scooters Safe?
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