A Comprehensive Review Of The Razor e200 electric scooter

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Razor e200 electric scooter Review: This is the perfect scooter for kids at about 13 and older, it is the next scooter up from its younger brother the e100 which is designed for children of 8+.  This scooter is much bigger and has a significantly more powerful motor.

What makes this scooter really cool is that adults can ride this scooter, I have read reviews of adults up to 200lbs that have been riding this scooter.  This makes if fun for everyone as you can go riding with your child and spend valuable time together outdoors in the fresh air. What I liked was that the handlebars fold down and it can then fit in to the car so it can be taken on day trips out.

It is a lot faster and easier than walking and if you have to take the dog for a walk or nip to the shops your child can come with you and have fun at the same time.


There isn’t really much to do all you have to do is raise the vertical bar and extend the handle bar to the right height. (This is good as I am no good with kits with many parts).


When the battery is charged for the first time it needs to be put on charge for about 18 hours. Its charge lasts for about 1 hour (for an 88lb kid). Then each subsequent charge is for about 8 hours.


This scooter travels at a casual bike riding speed of about 10 to 12 mph, so if you have a bike your child can go riding with you. The base is safe as it is wide enough so that both feet can be together when riding.


I do have a few negatives that I have come across that I want to discuss.

A few people had noticed that in the last 8 minutes or so it seems that the speed seems to die down and after about 30 minutes of riding its top speed can drop by about 1 to 2 mph.

If a heavy adult rides this scooter and they go onto a steep slope the speed seems to drop down and go a bit slower than when it is going on the flat.

This model is not suitable for small children because of the speed, the recommended model for smaller children would be the Razor e100 Electric Scooter.

There were only a few negatives that I could find most of the feedback was positive, most of the negative comments seemed to be from people that had purchased the wrong model,  they should have gone with the E100 or the E300.

Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews of the feedback from happy owners:

“I purchased this Scooter for my Granddaughter’s 10th Birthday. I researched this product for safety reasons before buying it. I am absolutely satisfied with the quality. It makes my Granddaughter extremely happy!”

“I bought two of these for my two kids for Christmas and they absolutely love them. The price at Amazon was the best around and they included free shipping which made the deal even better. They are powerful and easy to put together.”

“Purchased this for my goddaughter who is 9. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. It charges quickly, is easy to ride and it goes much faster than I thought it would!”

“I’m 10 years old, and saved for a long time to get this with my own money. It’s strong enough for a whole family to ride. I charge it every night, and it’s never run out of a charge while I’m playing with it. It looks really cool and futuristic. Be sure to wear your helmet! “

“My 9 Year Old little girl loves this Scooter. I love it as well. When I go for a 3 mile run, she takes it along and rides it while I run. It’s perfect and we get to spend more time together”

Here’s a video of this scooter in action

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Great Deals

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A Comprehensive Review Of The Razor e200 electric scooter
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