E-Zip E750 Electric Scooter – LongDistance Battery Driven Transportation

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This scooter has 750 Watts of performance power, and is designed to travel up to 15 miles per hour, for a range of 12 miles. It houses a high-capacity 12Ah battery for extended travel distance. This smooth riding electric scooter is equipped with an earth magnet electro-drive motor and a fast charging battery re-charger.

For Environmentally Conscious Individuals

In the last few decades is has become more environmentally sound to figure out different ways of helping to save the planet by reducing the carbon foot print each one of us makes in our daily life.

We now understand that driving our automobiles wreaks havoc on the upper atmosphere, and it has finally become wise to choose other transportation options such as walking, bicycling or using a motorized bike. By reducing the amount of fossil fuels each of us Burns each day, we make less of a negative impact to the world around us. Many individuals are now choosing to ride bikes, or use electronic bikes to and from work, the store, and school.

Advanced Features of this Scooter

This model can hold up to 260 pounds and take any individual, 13 years or older, to a distance of up to 12 miles at 15 miles per hour, or 24 km/h, all in a single battery charge. It is powered by a powerful electric motor and the company’s patented chain-driven electro-drive system, which provides a smooth ride over all most paved terrain.

“We are very happy with this scooter. It has a very smooth ride it is easy to handle for both adults and kids. No issues with the battery.” – Laura G., Amazon.com

It has full front disc brakes that includes a power modulator, along with an alloy brake inhibit lever that allows you to stop on a dime. It has full front suspensions within an over-steering limit, and an easy on switch to allow you to get up and go quickly. Including the EV-rated SLA type, Plug and Play design 24 V pack, valve-regulated rechargeable battery, the entire scooter weighs a mere 60 pounds.

The User Controls

This model comes with a power-on bright LED, a power On/Off switch and easy access charge port that is located in the frame console. For security, the seat is easily removable, so you can take it with you when your scooter is parked.

Value That Is Built to Last

With its high density rugged steel frame construction, and oil-light full suspension bearing pivots, this version is designed to handle all kinds of heavy use. For the type of motor, suspension and steel construction, this model offers a great value for the customer. Its high rated performance provides optimal transportation for any individual 13 years and older.

This model is highly recommended to any environmentally conscious individual seeking an optimal, quick and easy, yet inexpensive transportation. This version is well-built, and designed to provide a continuous smooth ride for up to a distance of 12 miles.

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E-Zip E750 Electric Scooter – LongDistance Battery Driven Transportation
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