Electric Razor Scooter Safety Tips

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It is vital to make sure your Razor scooter is running as its best before riding it. There are certain checks you should perform to ensure your safety and make sure your scooter is running properly.

First, check to ensure all electrical connections are secure. Make sure all fasteners and the steering clamp bolts are tight before every ride. You should never hear any rattling sounds or sounds from loose or broken parts on your scooter.If you are ever unsure whether everything is secure or if you hear noises, you may need an experienced mechanic to check it out for you.

Always check the Razor scooter’s chain or belt tension. It should taut, which means not tight but snug. If you adjust the chain too tightly, it could break or snap while riding and this is not safe.

Check the scooter’s brake system to make sure they are functioning properly. When applying the brake lever, the brake should react properly. When you apply the brake with the motor on, then the brake cut-off switch should halt the motor. Always check the handlebars, frame and fork of the scooter for broken connections. It is rare to have a broken frame, but it is possible, especially if the scooter has hit a curb.

The scooter tires are also important, just as car tires are important. Inspect for excess wear and check tire pressure. Re-inflate the tires when necessary. One important thing to remember is that the air supplies at the gas station are meant for car tires.

If you decide to use it for scooter tires, use small burst of air and use a tire gage to measure the pressure. If you get too much are in the tire, immediately release the excess pressure. Properly inflating the tires is important to ensure you or your child has a safe ride.

Always wear proper protective gear. This includes an approved helmet and knee and elbow pads. Wear lace-up shoes with rubber soles and never ride barefoot or in sandals. Keep your shoelaces tied and out of the way of the motor and wheels.

If the scooter is for your child, make sure they have the skill, maturity and ability to follow the rules before letting them go out alone. Always ride on smooth surfaces and away from other motor vehicles. It is never a good idea to ride the scooter at night, even if you are a skilled or adult rider.

Electric Razor Scooter Safety Tips
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