Electric Scooters versus Electric Skateboards for Younger Kids

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If you are looking into powered vehicles for kids, you have probably run across several different kinds: ride-ons, scooters, and skateboards.  Ride-on toys, like miniature ATV’s, motorcycles, etc. are usually either for very small children (under seven years old) or very expensive (over $500) for older kids.  Electric scooters and skateboards are available for kids in the 8-12 age range.  However, an electric scooter is probably the best choice for this age group for several reasons.

1.  Balance

Kid from 8-12 are still developing the ability to balance well.  They are gaining coordination abilities, but do not have full control of their bodies.  Especially in an increasingly inactive childhood lifestyle, the coordination needed on a skateboard moving at motorized speeds is beyond the abilities of many 8-12 year old children.  An electric has handlebars that help with balancing as speeds increase.

2.  Braking

Hand brakes (similar to a bicycle) on the handlebars make it easier to stop an electric scooter than the foot-operated brakes on most electric skateboards.  Holding on to the handlebars also makes it easier for kids to step off if they feel they cannot control the scooter, while keeping the scooter from rolling into something or someone.

3.  Speed

Electric scooter for young kids can top out at 8-10 miles an hour.  Electric motor skateboards tend to go twice that speed.  Younger children can intimidated by those high speeds and unable to control the skateboard.  This provides more opportunities for injury and accidents.

4.  Comfort

The footboard of electric scooters for young children is wider than a traditional razor scooter so there is room for the feet to fit comfortably.  The handlebars are in front of them at an adjustable height for the right standing position.  The open nature of a skateboard can decrease your child’s confidence in riding and make the experience less comfortable.  In addition, some electric skateboards have narrow footboards that are difficult to maneuver.

When you make a choice of a riding toy for your child’s birthday or Christmas, consider their age and abilities.  You want the riding experience to be fun and stress-free.  In modern times, some parents are always trying to push their children ahead of their actual age.  For their safety, let them enjoy age appropriate riding toys.  You know your child best.  You can use that wisdom when making your choice between an electric scooter and an electric skateboard. Read the review of the Razor e100 Scooter.

Electric Scooters versus Electric Skateboards for Younger Kids
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