Limited Storage Space, Big Time Fun

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It seems like storage space becomes more and more precious each year.  As families downsize to keep budgets reigned in during tough economic times, storage space shrinks too.  City apartments yield very little space for storing large outdoor toys too.  Grandma and Grandpa’s house may be big on love, but short on extra room as well.

However, we all want to see our kids and grand kids spending more time in healthy, active play outside and less time in front of the television.  Being short on space may mean that you do not have room for bulky bicycles, but an electric scooter for kids will fit just about anywhere.

These slim little scooters are easy to store in tight spaces but offer a ton of outdoor fun. They zip around sidewalks just fast enough to be thrilling but not fast enough to be dangerous for kiddos.  There are different models for different age ranges.  The one for younger kids starts at a manufacturer recommended age of 8.

However, many parents feel their child is ready at six or seven years old to try out an electric scooter like the Razor e100 which tops out at a speed of eight miles an hour and has to be manually pushed before starting the motor.

Once assembled, the Razor e100 Electric Scooter is less than thirty-three inches tall, has a width of sixteen inches, and is 36″ deep.  It fits easily in the side or back of a closet, behind a door, or even under some beds.  These electric scooters for kids are very easily transported too.  Tossing the light-weight, slim-profile scooter in the trunk of the car is far easier than getting the kids’ bicycles from one place to another.

This is especially helpful if you have a split custody situation where the child wants their riding toy at both homes.  A child who spends a lot of time at a babysitter’s house in the summer will also benefit from this excellent portability.

Whatever size house you have, your child or grandchild will love zipping around the neighborhood or park on their electric scooter.  Razor electric scooters have won the Parents’ Choice Award, Toy of the Year Award from the Toy Industry Association, and have made it on the Most Wanted Toys List from Time to Play magazine.  These electric scooters for children are kid approved for fun and parent approved for safety, storability, and portability.

Limited Storage Space, Big Time Fun
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