Must Have Safety Gear for Scooter Riding

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If you purchase an electric scooter as a gift for a child, it is important to remember that the child will need the right safety gear before riding. Children are ready to ride right away, so it is best to buy the safety gear when buying the scooter.

If you do not, then you and the child can go together and pick out the safety gear before their first ride. There are four pieces of gear that a child must have before riding the scooter. Never allow your child to ride even a short distance without wearing proper safety gear.

The helmet is extremely important when riding any type of vehicle. You must protect the child’s skull and brain from injury. Scooters are generally pretty safe, but accidents happen such as hitting a crack in the sidewalk, a curb or another vehicle can throw the child from the scooter.

If the child’s head strikes a hard surface or the curb this can result in a brain injury if the head is not properly protected. The helmet surrounds the head and acts as a barrier to prevent the skull from direct impact with a hard surface.Therefore, it protects the brain from injury.

Knee pads and elbow pads are both important to protect the knees from injury. Although, a child can learn to ride the scooter fairly easily, there still may be some falls and accidents early on. The first few rides do not always go smoothly, so the child must be protected from little accidents.

A child that endures numerous scraped knees or elbow injuries are not likely to be persistent in learning to ride. The child may become discourage with the scooter, but if the knees are protected and safe from injury the child feel more confident in continuing to learn to ride.

Parents may not realize it, but the shoes the child wears while riding is also important. The child needs to wear tennis shoes that fit snuggly. Never allow the child to wear sandals or ride barefoot because this can result in injuries to the feet and toes. Wearing tennis shoes also help the child stay balanced and keeps his feet from slipping on the scooter.

It is also important that the shoelaces remain tied to avoid tripping and getting the laces wound up in the motor. Safety gear is a must for keeping your child safe on an electric scooter.

Must Have Safety Gear for Scooter Riding
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