Safety Tips For Electric Scooters.

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Electric scooters are a great way for kids to have fun and excitement. It is also a fun way to transport them around the neighborhood. Whatever the scooter brand you’re buying, you need to understand certain safety tips to help keep you safe and protected. Before you decide to ride on your scooter there are certain things you must first consider before you begin your fun.

First you must check the manual. This is to ensure that you understand the exact way to ride your particular scooter since instructions may vary with brands and models. Then you should double check all electric connections, to ensure they are secured. Before you begin every single ride, make sure all the steering clamp bolts and fasteners are tight.
Familiarize yourself with the way the handle moves and ensure that you stay in the middle of the scooter; not towards the front or the back. You should also check the scooter’s belt tension and chain. It should not be too tight or too loose, but snug. When you’re adjusting make sure you don’t overdo it. Over-tightening the chain can make your scooter riding unsafe since it may snap while you’re riding.

You should also check the brakes and ensure that they’re working properly. The brakes should respond properly when you squeeze the brake levers. Anytime you apply the brakes when the motor is on, the cut-off switch of the brake should halt the motor. If your scooter hit a hard surface like a tree, a wall or a curb on the road, check the fork and handlebar of the scooter for any broken connections. Develop the habit of checking your scooter before you begin every ride.

Scooter tires are also very important. Check your electric scooter’s tire regularly ensuring that there is no excess wear, and the tire pressure is okay. If the pressure is not okay, then re-inflate it. You should know that the air at gas stations is meant for cars so when you use it, make sure you use tire gauge so the pressure will not be too much. Then you should ensure that you wear every necessary protective gear. The most important is the helmet, don’t ever forget or refuse to use the helmet when going for a scooter ride. Also you must wear knee and elbow pads to protect you from lacerations in case you fall. Ensure that all safety gear that you’re using is ANSI, SNELL, ASTM or CPSC approved. Never ride your electric scooter in bear foot, wear lace-up boots with rubber soles.

In general, do not allow another person to ride with you on your scooter; a scooter is meant for one person at a time. Ride on a smooth surface and keep away from vehicles on the road, whether they’re speeding or not. To prevent your scooter from sudden stop, avoid drainage grates and sharp bumps. When riding, maintain hold on handlebars at all times, and keep toes and fingers clear of the hinge during folding and unfolding. Obey all scooter riding traffic laws and never ever try those stunts you see professionals do on TV. Most importantly, watch your speed. Remember you’re only having fun and not competing for a championship.

Safety Tips For Electric Scooters.
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