Should You Consider a Electric Scooter as a Child’s Gift

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There are reasons for choosing and electric scooter over a kick scooter for your child. Electric scooter provides a broader range of transportation for a child.

Children will not get tired as easily and discouraged with riding when they have a motorized back-up. Kids today need more exercise and the electric scooter is fun and makes them get up and move.

It is possible that as they become more active, they may decide to use the foot option more and electric motor less. The electric option also acts as safety net. If the child is tired or has a small injury, the motorized option allows them to make it home safely.

Before buying your child a scooter, make sure there are good sidewalks, trails or paths that he can ride it on. If his friends also have scooters this makes owning one more fun for the child.

When choosing the type of scooter take into consideration the distance the child will travel on it and how far you want to allow them to go around the neighborhood.

If you they are allowed to travel down the street or to friend’s house, the electric scooter may be a better choice. Whatever you decide, either type of scooter can be fun and allow the child to get needed daily activity.

Parents have to be prepared. The child will need protective gear along with the scooter. You can buy the protective gear as a gift or allow the child to help you pick out the helmet, knee pads and gloves. This gets them involved in the process and they are more likely to wear the gear they have picked out themselves. This motivates the child to be responsible and wear what they have chosen.

Make sure you go over the need to always wear the safety gear with your child. Protective gear is important no matter what type of scooter you purchase.

Parents need to help the child understand how to ride the scooter properly. Children must be alert and know how drivers behave. They need to know all rules for riding their scooter in parks, trails or on sidewalks. The family needs a plan as to what to if bad weather strikes while the child is out on the scooter. How should the child contact you in case of emergency? Having a plan lets the child know what is expected of them and how to behave in a variety of situations.

Should You Consider a Electric Scooter as a Child’s Gift
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