The Difference Between Gas and Electric Scooters

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When choosing a scooter, you may find it difficult to decide between a gas powered motor and an electric powered motor. If you know a few differences in the scooters, it can be easier to decide which one is right for you.

One of the differences between the two is cost. An electric scooter will always be less expensive than a gas scooter with the same specifications. When it comes to speed, gas powered motors have the edge. On average, an electric scooter’s speed can range from 8 to 25 miles per hour and a gas scooter’s miles per hour are 16 to 30.

In the case or durability, gas scooters seem to have the advantage. The reasons for that are that the gas scooter can handle higher speeds and can sometimes be used off road. If you are looking for the scooter that makes less noise, the electric scooter is the best choice.

The gas scooter makes noise similar to a lawnmower or a leaf blower. The electric scooter is quiet and gives off a low hum. When concerning usability and reliability neither scooter has the advantage, as both are the same in these categories. Just keep in mind that a gas engine needs oil changes, spark plug care and gas.

If you are concerned about the environmental impact of the scooters, then choose the electric. The electric scooters do not emit harmful emissions because they do not use gas. Although, gas scooters do gives off some emissions, they are far less than your car, so riding a gas scooter to work can help save the environment.

However, if your goal is to do your part in helping save the planet, the electric scooter is best.  For children, electric scooters are safer because of the lower speeds, no need to deal with flammable liquids and they need very little maintenance.

The type of motorized scooter you choose depends also on who will be using the scooter and how much you plan to use it. Electric scooters are best for children. They are quiet, do not take time to warm up, no handling of fuel, and cost only pennies a day to charge. They do not give off a gasoline smell or harmful emissions. Gas scooters are better suited for adults.

They have higher speeds and can go off road to handle hills and rough terrain. You can also stop and fill up at a gas station instead of waiting to recharge. Consider these differences when choosing a scooter and keep in mind who it is for.

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Scooters
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