The Importance of Wearing Safety Equipment

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When your child gets their new scooter, they are going to want to ride it right away.  It will be exciting to get a new way to get around outside.  So, don’t forget to invest in some safety gear if your child does not already own protective equipment.  For an electric scooter there are four main items a child should wear to be protected from accidents on the scooter.

1. The Right Shoes

Sturdy shoes (like well-fitting tennis shoes) may seem like a no-brainer.  However, they are very important.  Having your child wear shoes that cover their feet and stay on well will prevent injuries to the feet and toes.  The right shoes will also help keep falls from happening as it is easier to maintain balance in comfortable, sturdy shoes.

2.  A Helmet

Wearing a helmet is essential when riding a motorized vehicle of any kind, even a kid’s electric scooter.  Though children’s electric scooters are actually pretty safe, accidents can happen.  Hitting a hole, a building, or another vehicle could jolt the child from the scooter.  This sudden movement could result in a head injury if your kid hit a stationary object, moving vehicle, building, or the sidewalk.  With a helmet on, the skull, and therefore brain, is protected from a fall like this.

3.  Knee Pads

Kids’ electric scooters are pretty easy to navigate and learn to use when they are used by the appropriate age child.  During the learning process, there are a higher number of falls.  Knee pads can be a big help.  Scraped knees might make a child stop trying to learn or make them too tentative on the scooted.  Knee pads protect them from injury and help them maintain a confident riding manner.

4.  Elbow Pads

Wearing elbow pads while riding an electric scooter perform the same function as knee pads.  When a child falls, the knees and elbows are the most like impact areas, depending on the direction of the fall.  Elbow pads help avoid painful scrapes and bruises.

Modern protective gear is stylish as well as functional.  You can even find helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads that coordinate with your child’s scooter.  Licensed character protective gear is also available for kids who want to suit up with their favorite TV star or cartoon character.  Staying healthy and safe help maintain the excitement and joy a child first experiences when they open their electric scooter for the first time.

The Importance of Wearing Safety Equipment
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