The Question Every Kid Wants to Know About Electric Scooters

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Razor e200

You’ve been weighing whether or not you want to get your child an electric scooter or not.  You think about safety.  You consider price.  You look at pictures online and possibly in stores.  There are so many cool looking electric scooters.

They come in great colors.  Then comes the question every kid, and kid at heart, want to know the answer to:  How fast and how long can I ride on an electric scooter?

The answer to that question depends on the model of scooter because the motor and design of the models are different.  It also varies with the weight of the rider. This is one reason weight limits are put on electric scooters for kids.  Since Razor is the most popular brand of scooter, let’s examine the main three models they offer for kids.

Razor e100

The Razor e100 Scooter is the beginning model of electric scooter, meaning that it is for the youngest kids.  The manufacturer recommends that it be used by ages eight years old and older.  However, many parents of five, six, and seven year old children allow their kids to have one.  The Razor e100 has a chain-driven motor that is 24 volts (two-12V) and 100 watts.  This enables kids to ride up to ten miles an hour for 40 minutes of continual use.  The weight limit is 120 pounds and speeds may slow when the full weight limit is trying to ride up an incline.

Razor e200

Recommended for ages thirteen and up,the Razor e200 scooter can go up to thirteen miles an hour for 40 minutes of continuous use.  It has a chain-driven 200 watt motor with a 24V (two-12V) battery.  The weight limit for the e200 is 154 pounds.  Again, if you max out the weight limit and try to go up a hill, you may find yourself going slower and slower.

Razor e300

The weight limit on the Razor e300 Electric Scooter is a whopping 220 pounds and the recommended ages start at thirteen.  This electric scooter has the most power and speed of all three, achieving fifteen miles an hour for 40 minutes of continuous use.  The Razor e300 has a 24 volt (two-12V) battery and a chain-driven, 300 watt motor.

All of these electric motors are very environmentally friendly ways to get around, releasing no carbon emissions into the air.  They make great gifts when you choose the one appropriate for your child’s age.

The Question Every Kid Wants to Know About Electric Scooters
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