Types of Scooters for Kids

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Scooters make fantastic gifts for kids, whether for a birthday, Christmas, reward, or just because you love them.  Children of all ages and backgrounds are riding them in neighborhoods all across the nation.  If you are thinking about a scooter for your child, you will want to know the different options you have.  There are four main types of scooters for kids:  beginner kick scooters, kick scooters, caster-driven kick scooters, and electric motor scooters.  Understanding how each of them works will help you choose the right one for your child.

Beginner Kick Scooters

With larger tires and a slightly wider base, beginner kick scooters are ideal for very young children.  Generally, the larger the tires are, the safer the scooter is.  Large wheels do not get caught on objects, cracks, or holes in the sidewalk as easily as smaller wheels do.  Most of these will have three wheels to help young kids maintain balance more easily.  The three-wheeled beginner kick scooters have a larger wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the back, typically.  There are models that are easily maneuvered by toddlers, while others are more suitable for five years old and up.

Kick Scooters

The traditional two-wheel kick scooter is appropriate for ages five and up.  Using pedaling power with one foot on the board kids can turn easily with height adjustable handlebars.

Caster-Driven Kick Scooters

These are slim line scooters with swiveling handlebars and small caster-type wheels.  Some have two wheels and some have three.   They are great for kids who want to start doing tricks, like side drifts and 360 spins.  Three wheel models are recommended for ages five and up, while two wheel versions are for eight years old and older.

Electric Scooters

This is the top of the line in scooters for kids.  A small electric motor is mounted under the foot deck of a traditional kick-style scooter.  Hand brakes are added to the handlebars.  Voila!  Kids get a thrill out of zipping around the neighborhood.  The beginner age for electric scooters is eight years old for a 100W motor that tops out in speeds of 8-10 miles an hour. As kids get older, they can graduate to a 200-300 watt motor that goes up to 15 miles an hour.  Razor electric scooters have been on the Most Wanted Toys List (Time to Play magazine), a Parents’ Choice Award toy, and the Toy of the Year (chosen by the Toy Industry Association).

Types of Scooters for Kids
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