Where Can Kids Ride an Electric Scooter?

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When you are trying to decide if an electric scooter is right for your child, you may wonder if your location will provide enough opportunities for your child to ride their new toy.  Take a good look around your neighborhood for clean, dry surfaces that are free of cars.  Here are some ideas of possible riding areas:

  • Sidewalks:  The primary place for riding an electric scooter is a nice sidewalk.  These vehicles are not for road use because of their limited speeds.  The sidewalks in your neighborhood are a safe and appropriate place for your child to ride their scooter.


  • Park trails:  Paved sidewalks and trails in a local park a fantastic place for your child to ride their new scooter as well.  Be sure to teach your child to be respectful of others on the paths, such as walkers, joggers, bikers, etc.  The electric motor is safe because it is quiet and allows your child to hear others and be heard by them when they speak.


  • Skate and Scooter Parks:  You will have to find out the rules of your local skate parks, as some do not allow motorized scooters.  For kids who want to try learning stunts or tricks, this is a great place to ride.


  • Empty Parking Lots:  If you have a vacant building with empty parking lot near your home, your child has a large open area to ride his or her new Razor e100 Electric Scooter.


  • Flat, Packed Dirt Fields:  Paved areas are the best option for riding a child’s electric scooter.  However, if you are in a rural area that has limited pavement, your child may be able to ride on hard-packed dirt.


  • Unconventional Options:  Look for other areas in your neighborhood that may be unconventional.  Some community outdoor hockey rinks allow skateboards and scooters in the warm months of the year.  If you have a wide open, unfinished basement, your child may ride on rainy days.  Large patios, alleys, and other areas may also have excellent riding surfaces.


To find the right areas for your child to ride, you simply have to look at your surroundings with fresh eyes and some common sense.  Safe riding is the most important consideration.  Children should not ride at night because of limited visibility.  Proper safety gear, such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, should always be worn when operating an electric scooter.

Where Can Kids Ride an Electric Scooter?
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